The Ladz in all their Glory! Click on the pics for the Vital Statistics!

Brian - Currently Located in London, UK. Rapidly being corrupted by the beer swilling london ladz and randy young english girls!!


ICQ: 3269223

Jerram - Currently located in Dublan, Ireland. Currently being curropted by a little minx.

ICQ: 1097560


Ross - Currently located in the rich part of London, UK playing husband and house husband and too much Medal of Honor!

Wedding pics on:

ICQ: 8221126


Nathan - Currently located in Wellington, New Zealand. Rapidly moving up the social naked party ladder! A host of several from all accounts. Much travel experience - part of the perks of an Air Traffic Controller and a great fan for a Spit roast!

ICQ: 15090841


Shane - Currently lost in the confines on Whakatane, New Zealand. We are trying desperately to get him to Europe so all you Euro girls please send Shane a sexy e-mail telling him how good it is :)

ICQ: 17059491


Charles - worthy of a mention as he is doing quite a bit of travel with Brian. Living in London in his flash Islington Flat, this Norwegen is full of surprises!! Tends to get pissed off when your car/phone/flat/girl is better then his :) Pictured here with two girls he would have liked to take home........

Wishfull thinking I think!!

ICQ: 337809367